Let’s Chat Next Week

We do a lot of emailing around here, but we thought it would be nice to actually talk to you the old-fashioned way.

zach morris cell phone

And since we can’t call everyone on our own, we’ve asked the Chatty Cats to give you a ring next week. They’re all UVM undergrads, so treat them well (and give them some advice too).

Don’t worry, this is not some secret ploy to ask you for money.  Yes, the Chatty Cats typically fundraise for UVM, but not this time — they are just calling to check-in, ask a few questions, and get your feedback.

We will try to call your cell phone number — if we have it — and our number will show up as 802-656-9999.

For those of you who haven’t completed the Career Center’s 2015 outcomes survey, this is a not-so-secret attempt to get your response. We know you’ve gotten a million emails from the Career Center recently about this survey. They’ve asked us to help out with a shortened version. It’s just three questions but it’s important — even if you don’t have a “career outcome” at this point.

Here’s why the survey is important: It helps us know if we are preparing students well for the real world. Plain and simple — we want to know if we did well by you.

It’s your opportunity to give feedback — positive or negative — and make your voice heard. Right now, we only have a 35% response rate and we would love to have a more representative sample of what’s happening with everyone.

And don’t forget: