Advice from 200 UVM Alumni – Just For You

When we talked to many of you at the happy hour a few weeks ago and asked how the first year was going, we got the feeling that it’s been a tough one.


You’re looking for jobs, working jobs you don’t love, trying to pay bills, moving to new places (or back with your parents) and generally adjusting to life after UVM.

So in our quest to continually support you, we asked other recently graduated UVM alumni to tell us about their first year out. We had the Chatty Cat student callers give them a ring and ask a few questions on your behalf.

We spoke to more than 200 alumni and we hope you find their advice and reflections helpful. They’ve been in your shoes and gone through the same struggles, and nearly all of them have landed on their feet. Here’s what they said.

Question #1: Looking back, what advice would you give yourself?
Quote - everything figured out
As you can imagine, there were a lot of different answers to this question, but here are some quotes that exemplify some major themes:

Question #2: What do you remember most about your first year out?
Quote - went fast
Nearly everyone said this first year out is a time of a lot of transitions. And, transitions are hard and full of contradictions. Here’s what everyone remembered about their first year:

The good news is that the year goes by quickly, and you’re left with exciting new jobs, apartments, cities, and friends.

Question #3: What strategy has helped you most in your job search? Quote - network
Two words came up frequently in the answers to this question: persistence and networking. And most of the answers were variations of the same few ideas:

Finding a job, starting a grad program, or moving to a new place all require time and hard work. We hope this post shows you that you’re not alone in what you’re going through.

There’s a whole community of Catamounts out there that have done it and are willing to help you do it too.