Meet Matt Mues ’08 of the Boston Regional Board

I travel often for my job with the Alumni Association and I meet lots of UVM people. Matt Mues ’08 and I met this last June at a young alumni social in Boston — something he has been helping to organize since he graduated.

Matt is a passionate UVM volunteer with a cheerful persona and a knack for connecting with people. Here he is with Allison Gray ’08 and Gabrielle Duchette ’08.

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Ryan and I asked him a few questions for all of you because success after school doesn’t always come easy.

Ryan and Derrick: What was your first year like out of school?

Matt Mues: First year out of school was interesting, I moved in with my grandparents and continued caddying at a golf course to make some cash while I interviewed for jobs. I didn’t rush the process but waiting till October actually paid off since companies may have turn over or budget opening when their fiscal years turn over.

200R & D: How did you get involved with the Boston Alumni Regional Chapter?

Matt: I got involved in the Boston Regional Chapter by aiding in young alumni socials and then working with admissions on the welcoming new admitted students. I found that to be very rewarding and to pay back the school for to opportunities they had given me.

200 (1)R & D: What is your favorite thing to do in Boston?

Matt: My favorite thing in Boston is all of the entertainment and social events the city has to offer. From Bruins games to museums to the charity events allow me to stay active socially all while being centrally located to public transportation and even using the bike share program is a great perk.

downloadR & D: What’s your best advice for the Class of 2015?

Matt: My best advice for the class of 2015 is to find a path in life that has the growth opportunity. Don’t put the growth responsibility on the job but rather keep your ears open to the ground and find ways to make yourself smarter and more efficient all while learning how managers think and then how directors and vice presidents interpret.