May 26 – Exodus and Joshua

My apologies for being slow to get these questions posted. 1. What do you think of Moses as a leader? Why does God choose him? 2. How do you read all those plagues in Egypt–what is the literary function of that part of the story do you think? 3. Exodus introduces us to a new […]

Reading Questions for 5/21 – Genesis 26-50

If you are going to hand in homework on the 21st, please write thoughtful responses to three of these questions. But do please think about all of them (even if you aren’t planning to hand in writen responses). 1. How would you characterize Jacob and Esau? If you had to cast them for a movie, […]

Reading Questions for 5/19 – Genesis 3-25

Here are some questions for the reading for the first half of Genesis. If you are planning to turn in homework on Tuesay, May 19, I’d like you to answer 3 of the 5 questions. Remember that you will need to hand in THREE sets of homework questions in this first half of the course, […]