E-reserve reading for June 4 (Kings)

Here is the chapter from Regina Schwartz’s Curse of Cain for June 4. Please note: you are required to read only pages 39-55. The Curse of Cain: Possessing the Land

E-reserve reading for June 2 (2 Samuel)

Here is a downloadable pdf file of Chapter 11 of Alter’s translation of 2 Samuel: David Story – Chapter 11

E-reserve reading for May 28 (Judges)

Here are the supplementary readings for Judges–click on the link and it will take you to a pdf document: Frymer-Kensky, Father-Right Awry Frymer-Kensky, The Bad Old Days

Flannery O’Connor: from “Novelist and Believer”

Download file

The Bible and / as Myth

Download file