The Birth of Modern Israel

Jerusalem, Temple Mount / Dome of the Rock The links below will lead you two truly excellent NPR series of a few years ago on the history and the birth of modern Israel. It is very interesting to listen to these series in the context of the nation-building texts we are reading. If you get […]

Homework details

Just a clarification of what I was groping toward on Monday evening: Your homework assignments can come to me as electronic Word documents, sent to my email address: Each homework assignment should be 500-1000 words long. No need to write formally, but please make sure that your prose is coherent and has a point […]

E-reserve reading is now on the blog

I’ve put all the e-reserve reading for this half of the course (two readings on Judges, one on 2 Samuel and one on Kings) on the blog. You can find them all as downloadable pdf documents under the “readings” heading. Although you will now not need to go to the library website to find these […]

Expelled from Paradise … this means you!

You’ve made your way to the blog site for Reading the Bible: Literary and Historical Perspectives (Summer 2009)