Nem has issue with her laptop

My Nem had an issue with not being able to get a CD out of her laptop today.  I am not sure why, but I decided to help her, I did a google search and found this posting.

09-26-2004, 10:22 PM
Try this to get your disk out.
To eject a disc with Open Firmware commands, follow these steps:
1. Restart the computer.
2. Immediately after the startup sound, press and hold the key combination Command-Option-O-F.
Note: The Command key has the Apple icon on it.
3. Release the keys when you see a white screen that says “Welcome to Open Firmware.”
4. At the prompt, type: eject cd
5. Press Return, then wait a few seconds. The disc drive should eject any disc that is present, and “ok” appears behind your command when the action is complete.
6. Type: mac-boot
7. Press Return.
Your computer should now start up normally.”
from posted by kasei.
between this posting and Justin’s very small weak tweasers, she was able to extract not only the CD, but also a piece of plastic mesh.  I think it must have been one of the oddest things I have ever seen!

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Blogging article about Vermont Academic Bloggers

Some people you might be familiar with, including yours truly, are quoted in this article, Virtually Academic, about blogging in Vermont universities and high schools. This article was written by Susan Youngwood, who also took the time to attend our Blogging Colleague Tea at the UVM Center for Teaching and Learning. I co-faciliated the tea with Richard Parent, from the UVM English Department. I think one major advantage to teaching and research in the age of blogging is the access to RSS feeds from other blogs and news sites. You can subscribe to these with aggregators like Google Reader and Bloglines on the web. Or use a stand alone piece of software like NETNEWSWIRE. My personal favorite is Google Reader because it merges with the iGoogle interface of google mail, news, and anything else you chose to put there.
I decided to highlight a few academic blogs here from UVM:, Paul Martin, Richard Parent, Matsumi Corson, Kazuko Suzuki
Please post a comment if you have a favorite that I missed!

no iphone in Vermont

Burlington Free | Local/Vermont The new apple iPhone
is going to only be available to folks who have ATT cinguliar service. This is not good for vermonters and other folks who can’t access this service. Small Dog electronics in Vermont, the number three apple reseller nationwide, will not be able to sell the phone because it will only be sold through Apple or ATT/Cingular. I am dissappointed in this decision by Apple Computer. (now known as Apple Inc.) I hope that they quickly expand their parameters on this device to include more loyal apple customers.

Day Two of blogging workshop

Welcome back everyone. Today we are going to do even more with your blogs! We will have a great start on them by the end of the morning. Please fill out our online survey to help us improve this workshop in the future. Thanks so much for coming and see you in the Blogosphere!