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CFP goes video?

This year’s HASTAC conference adds a new twist: video. HASTAC is “the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory. A consortium of over 70 public and private research institutes across the human and computer sciences.” This year’s conference has an interesting addition to their Call for Proposals: “In addition to filling out an application, participants […]

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As might be expected, the blogoshpere is abuzz with responses to the NEA report on reading. Among those who have made sensible comments are (of course!) Matt Kirschenbaum writing to the Chronicle, with also-to-be-expected knee-jerk reactions to same. Gross oversimplification: NEA: reading is in decline because people are buying/reading fewer books, or in the idealized […]

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  One way to learn about open education online and how it is changing learning is to follow the many blogs cropping up. Another is to keep an eye on education conferences, though these do tend toward conversations centered on the more traditional ‘technology in education’ or use of course management systems. Or, this past […]

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