LMS: Outsourcing CMS in Iowa

Outsourcing CMS in Iowa
By Linda L Briggs
The Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC), made up of seven community colleges, is using an outsourced learning management system to offer its online courses to students across Iowa. The learning management system, eCollege, is specifically designed for managing online learning programs, and helps makes course development and management far easier for colleges within the consortium.
eCollege’s learning management system differs from products like Blackboard or WebCT in that it is offered as an outsourced service. That means colleges don’t buy and install the product on their own computers; rather, they license use of eCollege from the company, which maintains the application remotely on its own servers. That allows schools to avoid heavy upfront capital costs, as well as the cost of adding technical support staff, since eCollege handles all support issues. The company says eCollege is run from computers in various locations, to ensure fast and continual service, and includes multiple levels of redundancy, backups, and an up to date database infrastructure.
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Outsourcing CMS in Iowa

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