CFP: Xtreme Markup Language

Extreme Markup Languages®: a friendly, technically challenging, intensive, thought-provoking, argumentative, welcoming, obstreperous conference on markup, managing information, and information structures
August 7-10, 2007 Montréal, Canada
Extreme is the leading international conference on markup theory and practice. If you have interesting markup applications, difficult markup problems, or intriguing solutions to problems related to the design and use of markup, markup languages, or markup tools; if you want to know what the leading theorists of markup are thinking; if you are the house markup expert and want to spend time with your kind, then you should plan on attending Extreme Markup Languages® 2007.
About the Conference
Extreme is an open marketplace of theories about markup and all the things that they support or that support them: the difficult cases in publishing, linguistics, transformation, searching, indexing, and storage and retrieval. At Extreme, markup enthusiasts gather each year to trade in ideas, not to convince management to buy new stuff. At Extreme we push the edges of markup theory & practice.
* WHEN: August 7-10, 2007
* WHERE: Montréal, Canada
* HOST: IDEAlliance

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