May 14 Orchard thoughts

By Terence Bradshaw May 14, 2017 Orchards in the Champlain and Connecticut valleys are in full bloom now, and it looks like a good one. After my worrying comments last week about poor weather for bee flight, one grower last Monday told me, “You’re worrying too much. It’ll happen.” And it looks like Thursday and […]

Pink bud in Vermont apple orchards, some thoughts on bloom and pest management

By Terence Bradshaw May 5, 2017 Ugh. Vermont orchards are largely at tight cluster (inland, cooler sites and cider cultivars) to pink (most of the Champlain Valley, Honeycrisp of course is lagging) to early king bloom in a few spots and even a little full bloom in the warmest spots. Yesterday was a decent but […]

Wine grape webinar

Dear Northern Grapes Project Webinar participants: Announcing the May Webinar (last webinar of the season): “Introducing Itasca – Minnesota’s new cold-hardy white wine grape” Matthew Clark John and Jennifer Thull University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 12:00 Noon Eastern (11:00 am Central) 7:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm Central) With Matthew Clark, […]

Buds swelling in local vineyards

By Terence Bradshaw Grapevine buds are showing significant swelling in vineyards both in the Champlain Valley and at my house at near-1500 feet in Washington County, so bud break is right around the corner. However, This extended cool weather expected this week will leave those buds in this swollen state for an extended period, which […]