Blog entry 12/1

This was my last visit. I noticed the snow had melted. The stream was no longer ice covered around the edges. I found a new mushroom, a black Wood ear! I heard a lot of crows and kinglets. There were a lot of NR1 students who were doing their last visit. I enjoyed talking with someone; we talked about the work we’ve done for our blog. I planned on practicing yoga but I didn’t get around to it. I heard loud air craft. It was louder than I had ever heard them before. I touched the wet soil in the stream. I looked inside and there were leaves covered by sand and mud. I found a shell. It was small and clear colored. I admired the colored rocks that surround the brook. I noticed there were more foam bubbles in the stream. I started to think about land use history. I observed that the stand of white pines was in rows. On the way back, I went to Michaels for art supplies. I’m going to paint the soil horizons.

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