Migration, Migration, Migration

On August 22 your WebCT course
may disappear.
Where is it?

Have you recently
requested a new course for Fall or Spring 2007/2008 (i.e. have you
filled out the “Request a WebCT Course Space” form at https://www.uvm.edu/webct/?cat=6)?

If yes,  your new
course may be found on https://diamondback.uvm.edu
until August 22. After August 22 you can get to it the usual way,
through UVM A-Z page or from http://www.uvm.edu/webct

Do you have a course from
a previous semester that you want to re-use this semester?

If yes, you must migrate
that course. This means you must request a new course space, backup and
download your previous course, then upload and restore it to the new
space. This process only takes a few minutes. Complete instructions can
be found at https://www.uvm.edu/webct/?cat=20&p=77

Do you have an older
course that you want to archive for future reference?

If yes, you should migrate
that course. You should request a new course space (so the course will
still appear in your WebCT space even though there will be no new
students in it), then backup, download, upload, restore as described in
the instructions at https://www.uvm.edu/webct/?cat=20&p=77

As of September 15 the old WebCT server will be gone. Any materials you
have not migrated will be unrecoverable.
Between August 22 and
September 15 you can find your old courses at http://moccasin.uvm.edu/

Let us help! You can visit the Dr Is In (303 Bailey/Howe) from Mon-Fri
10:00-3:00 for help with this process. You can also make an appointment by sending e-mail to ctldoc@uvm.edu.

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