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‘Dr Is In’ Back in Session

With the return of the students comes the return of our regular Dr Is In schedule. The Dr Is in Program offers faculty one-on-one help in using instructional technologies in their teaching. Activities that faculty receive help with include: – … Continue reading

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Graduate Student TA training

Wednesday, August 23rd, we held a full day workshop for the Graduate TA’s in the Psych department. Katie Shepherd, (pictured at right), Lynn Bond and Michael Strauss facilitated sessions on difficult conversations, group work and group discussions, as well as … Continue reading

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WebCT Fall Semester Tune-Up

Just in time for the first frost, the Fall semester is upon us. Here are a few pointers to get you up and running with WebCT for the current session, including: Adding students to your course “Flagging” your course via … Continue reading

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Summer Workshop Series Wrap-up

At high noon last Friday, we concluded the last of our Summer 2006 series of workshops. As usual, it was quite the whirlwind tour. We delivered a total of 7 separate workshops, many of which were multi-day events. This meant … Continue reading

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Summer Workshop Series: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements

We’re just wrapping up one of our series of August events, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements. More updates to come regarding this and our other workshops, but in the meantime we’ve opened up the survey for participants of the Photoshop … Continue reading

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The Expert Mind : Training trumps talent.

In the August 2006 issue of the Scientific American, Phillip Ross explores what makes an expert an expert. The key, both surprisingly and unsurprisingly, is training. Or what the article calles “effortful study, which entails continually tackling challenges that lie … Continue reading

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Podcasting Lectures

The perennial question “What do Students Want?” often gets asked in way that provide results that contradict expectations. Sometimes the first answer turns out to be wrong. Sarah Brittain and colleagues at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry have … Continue reading

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Wikimedia Commons Image Library

This image (an animated gif file) is from the Wikimedia Commons. It was featured as the “picture of the day” for March 14, 2006, and has been nominated as one of the finest images on the Wikimedia Commons. The Wikimedia … Continue reading

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