Career Fashion: Forward

Fashionable Interviewing Outfit

“If you’re not dressed well, you can say all the right things … but you won’t get the job when you’re being compared with a lot of other capable people who are dressed better.”

-Kim Zoller, founder and president of Image Dynamics

Let’s be blunt: your appearance matters; especially in a professional environment. Research shows that your appearance strongly influences other people’s perceptions of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion.
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Senior Series: What’s Your Story?


Imagine your life unfolding and your career direction taking shape as an interesting tale with a happy ending. What do you see as the major plot points? Is it a story of knowing your dream job from the time you were 5? Or is it longer and more complicated, filled with exploration and discovery? As you create the story of your life and work, the questions will be answered. You will make choices, open one door and close four others. You will choose a path that will by necessity mean you haven’t chosen other opportunities. You will experience FOMO in a big way as you decide to take that great professional job in the city, and not join your friends traveling and skiing for the next six months, or vice versa. Continue reading

Senior Series: Get Ready to Negotiate!

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Receiving an offer of employment can be very exciting.  You’ve worked hard, interviewed well, and jumped through several hiring hoops to beat out the competition.  But what if the salary offer seems too low?

The first thing to remember is that there is much more to compensation than salary.  Some companies pride themselves on a robust benefits package, with things like health insurance, 401(k) matching funds, paid time off, holidays, etc., all of which add up to extra (and sometimes hidden) compensation beyond just the rate of pay.  Make sure you take the value of the entire compensation package into consideration when evaluating your job offer, and know that some companies may be more willing or able to negotiate benefits than salary.  This could be especially true in organizations with limited financial resources.  Something as simple as a flexible work schedule may be tremendously valuable to you – perhaps more so than extra money – and might cost the company nothing. Continue reading

Senior Series: Interviewing

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Advice from an Employer to Help You Land the Job

When a candidate is invited for an interview, I’m looking at how the candidate’s background coincides with the position’s responsibilities, whether it’s through experience or skills they’ve gained in school. I’m also looking at the candidate’s level of passion –  tone of voice communicates what they do or don’t know about the company and the role, as well as their confidence.

It is completely natural to feel nervous prior to an interview, but when you prepare yourself, you will be more self-assured. Look at the position’s job description and be able to convey to the interviewer how you meet each responsibility.  Continue reading

Senior Series: Marketing Yourself

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3 Steps to Standing Out From the Crowd

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, it’s more essential than ever to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Though qualifications and previous experience play a factor, properly marketing yourself can elevate you among a pool of candidates and ultimately win you the gig.

Through establishing a consistent personal brand, playing to your strengths and networking, you can become a self-marketing pro! Continue reading