Mitrokhin: Who are the separatists?

In a piece written for the anti-racist/anti-fascist Searchlight magazine, Bremen University researcher Nikolay Mitrokhin provides at least a partial answer to the question: who are the leaders of the pro-Russian separatist movement in Ukraine?

His analysis broadly concurs with other researchers’ (notably Anton Shekhovtsov’s and Andreas Umland’s) linking of the pro-Russians with the Eurasian Youth Movement and other far-right and (sometimes) neo-fascist groups.

See “Ukraine’s Separatists and Their Dubious Leaders.”


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  44. Continued

    Mitrokhin: Who are the separatists? | UKR-TAZ

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    Mitrokhin: Who are the separatists? | UKR-TAZ

  46. […] detailed profiles of the pro-Russian separatists, who are looking ever more like a motley bunch. As noted on this blog before, many have links to far-right groups in Russia. (Some of those groups — […]

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