Annual Activities

Fall Conference and Annual Meeting

The VDIA Fall Conference and Annual Meeting has been held in the fall in conjunction with the Vermont Feed Dealers and Manufacturers Association Annual Conference and Meeting for over a decade.

VDIA 2012 Fall Conference

Fall Conference 2012, Doubletree, Burlington, Vt

The 2013 Conference and Annual Meetings are being held in Stowe, Vt, September 10-11. More info at

Dairy Farmers’ Banquet at the Vermont Farm Show

The VDIA has hosted the Dairy Farmer’s Banquet the last Thursday of the Vermont Farm Show for decades. The heart of the event is the milk quality awards program. The banquet is known for its catered meal for a great price thanks to numerous sponsors. Plan to join us January 30, 2014 at the Champlain Valley Exposition.

Vermont Dairy Farmers' Banquet at 2013 Vermont Farm Show

Vermont Dairy Farmers’ Banquet at 2013 Vermont Farm Show

FFA Dairy Foods Career Development Event

The VDIA sponsors the annual FFA Dairy Foods Career Development Event held in January during the Vermont Farm Show. The purpose of this event is to enhance learning activities related to quality production, processing, distribution, promotion, marketing and consumption of dairy foods. It also helps students develop a sound perspective for using the decision-making process. The competition has 6 sections: Written Test, Milk Flavor, CMT Test, Milk Sediment, Milker Unit, and Team Competition. The winners of the state competition go on to the regional event at the Eastern States Exposition and then on to the National Competition.

FFA dairy foods career development contest to determine real versus artifical dairy products

real versus artificial; part of FFA dairy foods career development contest

Elmer Towne Memorial Scholarship Program

The VDIA awards scholarships to Vermont college students intending to have a career associated with the dairy industry, dairy farming, or dairy foods processing. Students can re-apply each year they are eligible. The scholarship program is facilitated through the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). For more information, see

New England Green Pastures – Vermont Dairy Farm of the Year

The VDIA co-sponsors this program with the University of Vermont Extension. What began in 1947 when then-New Hampshire Gov. Charles Dale challenged his fellow New England governors to produce better pastures than those in his home state has evolved into recognition of outstanding dairy families for total management of their farming operations.

Nominees are evaluated based on production and financial management, environmental practices, contributions to agriculture and the local community, and overall excellence in dairying. Vermont’s top dairy farm of the year is recognized at the Fall Conference and Annual Meetings of the VDIA and VFD, at the Eastern States Exposition, and again at the Dairy Farmers’ Banquet at the Vermont Farm Show.

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