Interview Resources

Congratulations, you’ve got an interview! Now what?!?


An interview is a chance for you and the interviewer to assess how well you might fit with the organization and the position.


Preparation is the key to a good interview — you need to do your research. Before showing up for the interview, make sure to be familiar with the company or organization. Go beyond just poking around a website- find out about the organization’s mission, read annual reports and brochures, search for media articles, and learn about the community you will be working in.


  • Practice makes perfect — prepare for your interview by practicing answering questions.
  • Never show up late for an interview.
  • Dress appropriately for the workplace and position you are seeking.
  • Come prepared. Bring extra copies of your resume, a list of references, a pen, paper, and any forms you are required to fill out (such as an application).
  • Be honest.
  • Always follow-up the interview with a thank you note.

Below is a list of resources to support the many questions you have related to interviewing:

50 Most Common Interview Questions- with Public Health Sample Replies This tutorial contains questions plus sample replies to ace the job interview.

All Video Interview Platforms This is a series of applications that you can use to provide opportunities to practice video interviews.

Monster Interviews Monster provides resources for a successful interview including such items as 100 interview questions to prepare for.

My Interview Simulator A program that delivers several interview questions and asks you to answer them as you would in an interview.

Quintessential This site offers dozens of articles and resources on the job interview.

Questions to Ask Interviewer The guide covers in-depth the topic of asking questions in a job interview by the interviewee. It discusses why job candidates should ask questions, what questions to ask and which questions to avoid.

The Balance The site contains tips for practicing the interview.

The Big Interview On this site you will find various interview tips.

Not quite to the interview stages yet?

Informational interviewing is a great way to network and expand your knowledge about career fields, job responsibilities, and more.


Networking Informational Interview Tips and Sample Questions