“We are keen to help”

I have visited 5 practices in the last 2 days and had 13,000 steps on my Fitbit by 1PM today. It helps that I walked the wrong way 3 out of 3 times while trying to follow my Google Maps directions. Sometimes I think I should have a compass around my neck and a paper map in my hand.

Seriously, the Google Maps ap is great and it helps me know when to “tag out” with my Snapper card and hop off the bus (see picture below). The bus rides are very interesting and I try to observe at least one new thing on each bus ride. Today I happened into a Korean neighbor and enjoyed waiting for the bus with a few Korean elders. Most people (young and old) say “Thank you Driver” as they get off the bus – what a nice custom.

I am making progress with scheduling interviews – 3 are lined up and I’m hoping for many more. When a practice manager said “We are keen to help” it was Kiwi music to my ears!

Off to “work” with my Snapper bus card in hand. You must “tag on” and “tag off” each ride

My wellness activities for the last two days have been – a great 3000 meter swim with my pal Cynthia and 6:30 AM yoga in the most beautiful yoga studio I have ever been in. ONWARD!

Another interesting Kiwi elder, she was flying the flag!

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