My first BIG idea

An invitation to an interprofessional discussion, with a visiting geriatrician at a GP office, gave me my first BIG idea of the trip.  What if… telehealth consultation by dementia experts was available to all Vermont primary care practices  on a rotating basis regarding diagnosis and management of people with dementia and their families?  That might help!  Thank you to the nurse manager to invited me to the interprofessional conference with their new district geriatrician.  This nurse manager finds interprofessional brainstorming VERY helpful; always a good sign. 

Today’s wellness activity: a long walk on the beach at Seatoun after visiting my 3rdprimary care practice today.  The wind in Wellington is very strong and a firm hat and substantial jacket make beach walking very fun. Here is a picture from the Seatoun Beach and the Oruaiti Reserve. Unfortunately, no blue penguins were around but, I had already met them at the zoo.

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