Historical Geographies — Student Projects

Historical Geography: Mapping American Childhoods is a cross-listed course between Geography and History taught at the intermediate undergraduate level. In 2017 the course had 14 students and a separate 1-credit visualization lab (taught by Daisy Benson) so the projects are individual and somewhat more detailed. In 2022 the course was somewhat less project-focused because it had 38 students and no lab, and thus the websites are more uniform in format. For both iterations of the course the hard work of the students is shared here to showcase the capabilities and creativity of students in “GenZ” learning about turn-of-the-century childhoods. Please email me with questions or broken links. mcope@uvm.edu

GEOG/HST170 University of Vermont, Fall 2017 — “Past Childhoods through Objects and Social Practices” (Individual Projects)

GEOG/HST170 University of Vermont, Spring 2022 — Four Themes for Group Projects (two groups of 4-5 students assigned to each theme):

Family — Group 1; Group 2

Fears — Group 1; Group 2

Illness — Group 1; Group 2

Rites of Passage — Group 1; Group 2; Extra – Bicycles