Family: From Farms to Factories to Picket Fences

GEOG 170/HST 170 – Historical Geography
University of Vermont May 2022
Dr. Meghan Cope (

Project Curated by Ava Fusco, Ciara O’Hagan, Doug Mchale and Molly Myers

Hine, L. W., photographer. (1911) Family of B. F. Clark, 219 N. 4th Street. Location: Columbus, Mississippi. United States Columbus Mississippi, 1911. May. [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress


Dr. Meghan Cope’s Historical Geography course asks how ‘childhood’ is constructed throughout the dimensions of society, culture, time, and place. In understanding the diversity of childhood experiences in the United States, this project explores social, economic, and political contexts as related to families. Family is often complex to navigate. Whether it’s gender dynamics, workplace roles, schooling obligations or the plethora of other ways family presents itself in American life, this project tackles family in the broader context of history. Check out the tabs on this site to step back in time to the families of before!