Resurrection- 4/23/2019

Following an especially long, harsh and challenging winter, the organisms that call Centennial Woods have survived and began to grow from the ground for another season. Though no wildflowers could be found at my site, many sprouts of grass and other plants were just beginning to get established, looking forward to the bountiful summer that lies ahead. In the canopy, few trees have broke bud, though many are on the cusp of doing so. An exception to this is the ambitious red maple, which has broke bud and began its reproductive cycle. Its soft, red flowers bring life to a barren canopy.

The warm sunlight has enveloped the marsh, and recent rains and snow melt have made the area not only greener than it has been since October, but also the most soggy I have ever seen it. The birds are calling, temperatures far from falling; this is a Vermont spring.

New Growth

Sad Attempt at a Red Maple Bud Break Sketch
Across the Stream