Beech still holding onto its leaves from summer
Wildflower seed pods
Snowed in potential fox tracks
Across Stream
Barberry Twig
White Tailed Deer tracks
(Double-Dipping with Lab)
Labeled Twig of American Basswood
Based off tracks made carelessly, likely a domestic dog
Rodent Chew on Twig- Very similar to Shelburne Pond Porcupine

Attempted picture of sugar maple twig
Deer track
White Pine stand near entrance to Centennial Woods
Across the Brook
Downstream 9/29

I added the pictures from the first trip out to my phenology spot just to show how large of a change has occurred between the seasons.  An area once teeming with life of all types- plants, insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals- is now quiet, barren and covered with a thick layer of snow.  A lush meadow is now only marked by human tracks in the snow- people in search of nature they will seldom find at this point of year.  Not much has changed since the last visit, though the few bird calls I had heard last time would have been welcomed with open arms.  The forest was eerily silent during my whole trip- no birds, no animals, not even wind, as the falling snow muffled my ears.