Raise the Blade on “Across the Fence”

Recently, the Raise the Blade campaign was featured on the University of Vermont Extension’s weekday television program, Across the Fence. The Lake Champlain Basin Program partnered with Peregrine Productions, LLC to produce a series of short films to help people understand the efforts that are underway to help clean up Lake Champlain. The film from that series that is featured in this episode of Across the Fence describes actions individuals can take to help keep water clean. Raising the blade on lawnmowers to 3″ is one of those things.

Check out the video below from the episode as a refresher about #RaisetheBlade guidelines, and to learn about some other simple actions individuals can take to help reduce and clean stormwater runoff before it leaves their properties.

Another program that is featured in this episode of Across the Fence is called BLUE®. This property site assessment program provides landowners with a personalized assessment and recommendations of how to reduce stormwater runoff from their properties. Learn more about this program and register for a free assessment at: https://www.salix-solutions.com/blue.

For those who live in Burlington, VT, the video also shares an option to register to keep storm drains clean and free of debris, which helps keep pollutants out of Lake Champlain. Learn more and sign up to be a Drain Defender at: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/DPW/ADOPT-A-DRAIN.