Winning and Perseverance

Mo the robotic mower stuck - again - in an Adirondack chair, with his wheels dug into the ground and dirt kicked up behind the wheels.

Yesterday, my husband called to me from outside indicating that the title should be “perseverance.” Curious, I grabbed my phone (aka camera) and went out back to find Mo in another run-in with the Adirondack chairs. As you can see from the soil piled up behind his tires, he tried very hard to get out of this predicament, but sadly, was not successful.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of winning to report in this week’s Mo Monday blog post. First, Mo’s namesake, Sir Mo Farah, set a new world record in the one-hour run. He ran 21,330 m in the hour, breaking the old record of 21,285 m. Congratulations Sir Mo!

The other winning to report today is the winner of the #RaiseTheBlade mulching mower. We used a random number generator ( to select a random number from the 197 entrants (who were listed in an Excel file with row numbers) who represented 41 different towns from across the Lake Champlain basin. That resulted in selecting a resident of South Hero, Vermont, to win the electric mulching mower. We will be in touch with the winner and make a formal announcement in the coming days.