a change of scenery

(Wright inspired writing)

With an absence of academic schooling, I joyfully return home for the holiday and am reminded of everything I left behind. Connecticut in the fall is a beautiful place, and I was fortunate enough to visit one of my favorite places to observe. Upon arrival I took note of how my breath barely appeared in the air, while much warmer than my Vermont counterparts, it was still a brisk day. I began my trek into the woods amazed at the nature surrounding me. Leaves scattered, covering the forest floor were somewhat silent under my boots, the expected crunch absent given the time spent being stomped on. I arrived to the pond and gazed at the natural beauty surrounding me. Insects dancing along the surface of the water, skipping to their own beat. A single leaf, carried by the wind, landed in front of me, skimming the surface of the pond before diving under. I continued on the path, rocks rolling as my boots picked them up on my journey. I stopped again at a stream taking a moment to listen to the water trickling down over sticks and leaves. The water traveled taking its time flowing over the many rocks and matter below it, leaving behind a beautiful symphony of sound.

(Holland inspired writing)

The land in Connecticut differs greatly from the land in Vermont. While both are protected areas, the trees and wildlife in the Connecticut area were much more diverse in height and diameter. There seemed to be a more even distribution of young, old, and snag trees, where as in Vermont one can see far fewer older and snag trees. The presence of young new trees in Vermont can most likely be explained through the presence of the Great Cutover, where most of Vermont was deforested in the 19th and 20th centuries. While Connecticut also had similar problems, by 1820 only 25% of forested areas remained untouched, certain areas recovered faster than those seen in Vermont. This could be accounted for a number of factors; Vermont observes much harsher winter seasons, and the ground is often frozen for much longer periods of time. Connecticut has a slightly longer growing season most likely increasing the availability for regrowth. Both New England areas showcase beautiful leaf changes in Autumn, and lovely floral growth in the Spring.