a change of scenery pt. 2

So you might be thinking, “this doesn’t look like centennial woods…” That’s because it’s not! As you may or may not know, UVM recently had spring break and while I was home I decided to check out a new spot. This location is actually my backyard (lol). My house backs up to a beautiful natural area that I’ve always referred to as ‘the woods’.

As I walked through, I was able to identify a bunch of focal species! I saw a bunch of what I assumed to be Norway Maples, Boxedlers, and Eastern White Pines. Also as I ventured deeper closer to the stream that runs through it I noticed scat that I’m nearly 100% sure belonged to a White-Tailed Deer. I see tons of them running through my year all the time. Attached is a photo of my house in comparison to where the woods are and how close it is.

Later that night when my mom and I were watching tv we heard like animal sounds that my dad identified as belonging to a Red Fox. I went back in the morning and didn’t see any tracks, but the ground was a lot more dry than it was in Vermont so any tracks that may have been there weren’t easy to spot.

Connecticut is very different compared to Vermont, but I was able to feel close to my phenology spot while at home.

my house (as demonstrated by the red dot) in comparison to the woods.