earth week <3

So this week we got to kick off Earth Week with a Bioblitz in Centennial! So you know I stopped by my spot to take some photos and observe the changes. Something really cool that I was able to document was the identification of some new species that I wasn’t able to identify in the past. Because I downloaded iNaturalist I was able to place a name to a few different species that I wasn’t able to before. For example although I know what Honeysuckle is I didn’t realize there was any growing in my spot!! And I also saw something called a Red Dogwood which was super cool because in my neighborhood in CT, there are tons of White Dogwoods so it was like a little taste of home away from home.

I noticed a bunch of buds on trees (check out this honeysuckle though!!) which made it really start to feel like spring. I saw the beginnings of some flowers which I’ll try to draw for you guys, but mostly I was captivated by the budding trees I saw. I also noticed a ton of dog tracks in the mud, so it was really cool to see that people are starting to go out and hike with their pets again as the weather warms. Have fun and don’t forget to check for ticks!

honeysuckle 🙂
effort? the weird stick things are meant to be the first signs of flowers near the stream.
a friend.