Why Handshake?

Since the start of the school year, you may have heard about Handshake – the easiest way to discover great job and internships. Building off of the best qualities of Facebook and LinkedIn, Handshake offers an appealing and intuitive platform enabling UVM students to directly connect to countless opportunities and employers across the nation — all you have to do is activate your profile. Specifically designed for students to highlight their experiences and strengths, Handshake’s individually tailored homepages highlight jobs and internships based on your expressed interests and major.

We spoke with peer mentors at the Hub to see their take on it. Lauren Shnepf, a sophomore Psychology major from New Jersey, said she believes that Handshake will simplify the process of finding jobs. “It’s a very accessible program,” Lauren said, “it’s easy for students to use without having to be walked through how to do it.” Lauren is hoping to pursue a PhD in clinical psych and eventually open her own practice. She believes that Handshake is a great place to start.

Mia Monserrate, a senior Political Science major, said, “I’m excited that I won’t have to be searching for hours to find something.” Mia touted the benefits of Handshake as “more personal and connected” than previous UVM jobs platforms. Tanner Coffin, a sophomore majoring in Business Administration from Fairlee, Vermont, felt similarly. Tanner mentioned that he liked simplicity of the interface. “It’s an excellent resource if you’re new to the job search. It’s super easy to use.”

Favorite jobs, track deadlines, and put your best self forward with the user-friendly online app. Discovering the best job or internship for you has never been easier: Handshake is right at your fingertips.

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