Employers on Handshake

Did you know that employers use Handshake to find potential employees and interns? Maggie Massey, the UVM Peace Corps recruiter, likes how easy it is to review public student profiles.  She recommends that, when you activate your profile, “provide details about your experiences. The more you can tell about a student, including volunteer experience and interests, the better.  Companies want employees that fit their organizational culture, let your Handshake profile reflect who you are!”  More great insights and valuable tips  below!

As part of her outreach for the Peace Corps, Maggie searches student profiles and resumes through Handshake. Occasionally she finds profiles that are pretty sparse leaving her wondering: “How do you spend your spare time? Are you involved in any clubs? What languages do you speak?”  “While a basic profile is fast to set up and get you started,” she advises, “the more detail and time you can take with your profile the better.” Ultimately, your profile should be an accurate, professional, reflection of you.

Maggie also recommends “that students not be afraid to reach out to employers.  It is very helpful to be proactive when looking for employment.  I love meeting with students that are interested in Peace Corps and I am more than happy to meet on campus or grab a cup of coffee to talk about opportunities. Handshake is a great way to make that first introduction – take advantage of it!”

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