What Employers Want

Employers and Students at Job Fair

So you want a job or an internship.  You have worked hard, polished your resume and ironed your job fair shirt.  So now what? What is the secret to what employers really want?

Keep to the basics.  Employers seek people who present themselves well, are well informed and are interested in being actively involved.

Here are a few strategies on sending the right message at the fair and afterwards:

Prepare: Know who is coming and with whom you want to talk and share your resume & skills.

Dress: to signal you want to work and be taken seriously.

Practice: introducing yourself, your skills and interests.

Positive & Personable: Remember employers are people. Start a conversation and show your interest in what they do for a living.

Follow Through: Persistence pays.  Collect business cards and follow up via email or LinkedIn.

It is all in the conversation!  Keep learning, practicing and exploring the avenues for your job journey.


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