The 4 Year Plan for Career Success Will Get You Sorted Out

Hermione in the Sorting Hat

Why did you decide to go to college? Have you spent hours agonizing over all the possibilities? Or are you just starting to think about the future? Regardless of where you are or what steps you have taken, the 4 Year Plan for Career Success (4YP) will help you get where you want to go.

Remember Harry Potter? Think of the 4YP as akin to the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter Series. Just like the Hat, the 4YP is a tool that will help you “on your way to greatness.” Just as the Sorting Hat listened to Harry when he didn’t want to be in Slytherin, the 4YP takes your ideas into consideration. In fact, the 4YP is all about you.

It won’t have the drama and excitement of magical swords or a talking hat, but it will help you make important decisions about where to invest your time and energy in order to reach your goals. Being a college student can be rough. Multiple commitments, interests, and opportunities beckon at every corner and it is difficult to decide which direction to take. The key to successful career planning is to update and refer back to your 4YP regularly. It’s a cyclical process – articulate your next steps, take action, reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and move forward. Along the way you’ll be building skills, honing in on your interests, and making connections. Over time, you’ll find the career or job that feels like the right fit for you.

If this is your first semester at UVM or you’re at the start of your final year, the 4YP can help you. Get started on your 4 Year Plan for Career Success today!

Want a little guidance? Every Wednesday at 12:15 there’s a 4 Year Plan for Career Success Workshop at the Career + Experience Hub in the Davis Center!


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