Seven Tips for Starting the School Year Off Right

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Welcome to a new academic year! This is an exciting time on-campus and the first half of the semester is a critical time to set the foundation of success this year and beyond. Here are 7 ways to get the most out of the next few weeks:

  1. Find a calendar system that works for you and use it. Map out your days and weeks rather than relying on your memory. Life is busy and you don’t want to miss an important project deadline or interview because you forgot.
  2. Make note of all of your professors’ office hours and plan a visit to each in the coming weeks. These can often be found on class syllabi or on your professor’s website. There are many reasons to connect with your professors – to introduce yourself and your interests, expand on a topic discussed in class, to review a challenging assignment. Your faculty are great resources to you and can support your academic and career success.
  3. Attend the ActivitiesFest. Free swag. Free food. Helpful resources and information. Need we say more?
  4. Go to a club meeting and consider becoming involved. The benefits of joining an organization are endless. Clubs can give you a chance to meet new people, unwind, and learn new skills.
  5. Create a self-care plan. It is a lot easier to get into healthy habits at the start of the semester than it will be during midterms. Buy a fitness pass, join a mindfulness group, build your Netflix queue…find ways to sustain yourself through the marathon of the semester.
  6. Review your current year of the 4 Year Plan for Career Success. There are lots of great resources to support you during your time at UVM and it’s never too early to start taking advantage of these. Start laying the groundwork for opportunities in internships, research, study abroad, job searching, and more.
  7. Visit the Career + Experience Hub in the Davis Center and take action toward your career goals. The 4 Year Plan for Career Success will provide some tools for your career development but it will likely also bring up some questions. This quick, drop-in space in the middle of campus can point you in new directions and empower you toward achieving your goals.

Best wishes for an enriching and enjoyable year!

~Ashley Michelle

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