Requesting Strong Letters of Recommendation

Applying for a job or internship?  In most cases, employers will call your references.  For most other competitive opportunities, chances are you will need strong and descriptive letters of recommendation to help set you apart from other applicants. Think you might apply to graduate or professional school, or for a national fellowship? Letters of recommendation […]

6 Steps to Finding the Grad School for You

If your graduate school search involves typing some buzzwords into Google with hopes of generating a condensed list of programs of interest, you will be pleased to know there are more efficient ways to research your options. Although a basic Internet search can be a great way to begin, most people find the pure volume […]

Taking the Grad School Search Offline

When students come to the Career Center to discuss their graduate school search, we find that the conversation frequently starts from one of two places. Either students are looking for tools to begin their online search or have researched some programs online and are not sure what’s next. There is undoubtedly an important role for […]

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