Applying to Grad School? Here are a few tips to keep you organized!

Deadline circled on calendar

Applying to various programs and figuring out the specific details and steps to each application can seem like a daunting task. Here are few tips to make your application process a little smoother:

Gather materials and set up an application timeline: As you research potential schools/programs and finalize your list, make note of application deadlines and materials required. Do they require professional and academic recommendations – how many? Do they require the GRE? Are interviews part of the application process?

Get started on your personal statement: Most applications, if not all, require a personal statement or letter of intent. You only have a few short minutes to capture the attention of the Admissions Officer. It’s important to authentically tell your personal story and communicate how this program/school will prepare you to realize your goals. It’s a drafting process! Make sure you have people review and proofread your drafts.

Get your Letters of Recommendation early: Communicate early with your recommenders about your goals for graduate study, your career aspirations, and why you’ve chosen your field of study. Remember to include your resume/CV as well as papers you’ve written so that they know what you have been up to and can re-familiarize themselves with your work. Give them at least 4 weeks’ notice.

Submit your applications early: Gathering all materials – your transcripts, letters of recommendation, test scores, and completed personal statement – takes time. It may take longer than you expect! Ideally, submit your completed application at least 2 weeks before the actual deadline to prevent mailing mishaps or incomplete materials.

Are you still exploring the possibilities of graduate school/programs? Try taking your grad school search offline and join us for the upcoming UVM Graduate School Fair, coming up on Wednesday September 28th in the Davis Center!

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