Interviewing to get the Job

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Does the idea of interviewing feel like an impossible task? Well don’t fret! Will Murphy, Technical Sales Manager with Harvey Tool Company LLC, shares some helpful tips on how to best approach interviewing for your dream job:

Having sat on both sides of the table, as the interviewer and as the interviewee, there are several things I have learned about the interview process. Here are a few tips I would suggest to ace the interview and get the job:

1. Do your Research – An interviewer will be impressed if you understand their company – their mission, clientele, business practices, competition, office culture, recent projects and more. Check out the company website at least, and be creative in identifying additional potential sources of information.

2. Come Prepared – Bring a pen, paper and extra copies of your updated resume. As an interviewer, it is always a pet peeve of mine when an interviewee says, “if I had a pen, I could…”. It’s important to have everything you need in one place. Personally, if you really want to impress, I’d suggest buying a padfolio. 

3. Take Notes – This is important so you can ask questions when invited and clear up anything you were unsure of prior to leaving. 

4. Dress for Success – You usually cannot overdress for an interview, but be sure not to underdress. Find out from your contact at the company/organization what the normal attire is and, at the minimum, match that.

5. Ask Questions – An interviewer will see you are truly interested if you ask questions at the end of the interview. Come prepared with questions –Googling some general interview questions is a good place to start. 

6. Write Thank You Emails – Leave a good impression! Let them know you are grateful for their time.

Finally, remember that interviewers are people too, and we’re interested in making an authentic connection with you.

Good luck!

 Will Murphy
   Technical Sales Manager
Harvey Tool Company, LLC

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