Resumes and Cover Letters: Opening Doors

Three open white doors on the yellow wall. Rays of light shine through the open door.

Human Resources (HR) Directors see a lot of resumes and cover letters – one local HR professional is sharing her tips for success with you!

Resumes and cover letters can open doors to opportunities for you.  Done correctly, they help secure a phone call or interview with the Human Resources team or hiring manager.  Below are some tips on how to get your resume and cover letter right:

  • Describe your strengths and your contributions in your school, associations, or jobs.  List neatly what you did and if possible, what was the end result.   Consistently use descriptive action verbs such as:  led, coordinated, organized, achieved, and attained.
  • Use one font size and style throughout the resume and cover letter.  Do not over utilize bold, underlining and italicizing.  The look of the resume should be clear, neat, and succinct.
  • In your cover letter, it is best to keep it short and to the point.  Always be sure to abide by proper grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.  Statics show that using the words, “Thank you” and showing confidence in your sentences and statements go a long way, even if your work experience is just beginning.

In summary, for resumes and cover letters, think of the question: “What can I do for this company?”  In the recent Forbes article, Tips for the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter , they advise “present yourself as someone who is ready to step right in and help a company’s bottom line.”   Finally, always proofread or have a friend proofread your resume and cover letter.

Renee Gudz-Mulkey
Director of Human Resources
The Hermitage Club

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