Studying Effectively for Your Finals

Jeff WInger from "Community" asking 'Does anybody know how to study?'

With the semester winding down and your final papers, projects, and exams on the horizon, the final push can seem daunting. This time of year also increases the temptation of late nights, massive coffee consumption, and hitting the pause button on your overall health.

One strategy for minimizing these unhealthy habits is the Pomodoro Technique. This method encourages you to have quick, productive bursts of work with small breaks in-between work sessions to clear your mind before continuing on.

Another way to be productive- lay out all of your tasks ahead of time and prioritize them. You can create a checklist, spreadsheet, mind map, or any number of other ways to creatively display what lies ahead. This can help keep you focused and will prove satisfying as you slowly work through each responsibility.

Lastly, try to build in lots of self-care. When the pressure points hit the hardest, taking care of yourself is expressly important. Sleep, meditate/pray, exercise, eat balanced meals, listen to inspiring music. You have all of the tools you need to be successful and a whole campus of people cheering you on. Best wishes!

~Ashley Michelle

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