Setting Intentions Toward Your Success

Giant rock formation on the top of a mountain

So much is new right now. New year. New semester. New course load. New schedule. New calendar and email system.

Change can be challenging, but there is so much that is exciting to embrace in the newness. Seeking the new in each day can free you to continue to move in the directions you desire for your life and career.

Setting intentions for your day, week, month, and year will help you set the tone for your progress. Even when you fall short of your intentions, the net gain will be forward movement. The key is to set reasonable, attainable goals for yourself and build in some form of accountability. This could mean speaking your intentions out loud, journaling, sharing with friends and confidantes, and in most cases, there’s even an app for that.

The Career Center is here to empower you to accomplish your professional intentions. We hope you’ll find the 4 Year Plan for Career Success to be a grounding resource as you navigate your journey. We’re also happy to discuss your goals in Drop-Ins and scheduled appointments.

This is the time to envision your best self and continue to take steps to the person you want to be. May this semester and year bring you growth, joy, and success by your own definition.

~Ashley Michelle

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