Savvy Seniors: Interviewing- 5 Tips to Get the Job!

Interview circled on calendar dateGraduation is almost here – all your hard work is paying off.   After the celebrations fade, reality will set in.   Time to get a job.

Before the job, comes the interview, are you ready to rock it?

  1. Get Ready:

Research the company, maybe even the person you will interview with. Use your web skills and figure out what the company does. What is their Mission Statement? Do they list Corporate Values?   Do they have a social media presence? Remember they’ll be doing the same. . .

  1. Get Dressed:

Dress for success.   You are not going out to a club, you need to look professional. No wrinkles, dress shoes and yes, you should wear a tie. Skirts should not be too short or too tight. Shave before any interview and go easy on the makeup.

  1. Get Real:

Honestly is always the best policy during any interview.   Don’t stretch the truth, especially when it comes to your skills or experience – it will catch up to you. Also, remember you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Make eye contact as you walk through the office/plant.   Do your potential co-workers look happy? Do they acknoweldge you?   Is there a good feel to the place? Is this a place you can see yourself spending 8+ hours everyday?

  1. Get Going:

Once the interview is over, take time to reflect and download.   Send a follow-up “Thank You“ either by mail or email no matter how you think you did. Were there questions that flustered you? Were there questions that intriqued you? Write them down, you never know when you might want to draw on the experience.

  1. Get Comfortable:

Gone are the days where you land a job and stay with one company for your entire career.   Continued growth usually means changing employers, which means more interviews, so getting comfortable with the process is important.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

Angela Timm | Vice President Finance & Administration
Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy, LLC & Ehrmann Arizona Dairy, LLC

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