Savvy Seniors: Know Who You Are

A Networking story by Ben Mervis, ’12 Account Manager @ Rescue Social Change Group   Before walking in to a networking event or job interview, I tell myself: “you have the experience and you have the hunger.” Most importantly, I remind myself to be confident. Then, I wipe the nervous sweat off my palms, stride […]

Choosing a Major–A Major Adventure!

Undecided? Great! Some colleges use the word “exploratory” to identify students who have not yet decided on a major. It’s a great reminder that choosing a major can be a positive process that helps you make the most of your college experience! Where to begin? Start with some self-exploration. What interests you? What do you […]

The Party’s Not Over Yet! Here’s How to Stand Out AFTER the Job Fair.

Vilma Rodrigues-Silva is the Recruitment Manager of the Northeast Region for City Year New Hampshire. She goes to lots of job fairs, so we asked her about the best ways for candidates to stand out after the event. Is there an appropriate way to follow up with an employer after a Job Fair, even if I […]

Job Fair Insights from the Other Side of the Table

Here’s the inside scoop from a recruiter who attends A LOT of job fairs! What can students do to stand out (in a good way) at a Job Fair? One of the first questions we ask a candidate at a career fair is, “have you heard of Fast Enterprises?” Students should find the companies and […]

World of Work: Hannah Richman ’08, California State Parks

Hannah Richman ‘08 State Park Peace Officer (Ranger), California State Parks Major: Anthropology & Political Science How would you describe what you do on a typical day? As a Park Ranger, I am charged with protecting the parks from the people and the people from the parks. It’s a balancing act between allowing people to […]

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