6 Strategies to Find Your Summer Internship

Students Finding Information at Internship Hop

1. Conduct research using online internship databases

These contain hundreds of internship possibilities and enable you to search by area of interest and geographic preference. You can also set up search engines for email alerts on internships of interest. Catamount Job Link is a great resource.  Here are some other databases to help you get started.

2.Target companies and organizations

Have your heart set on a particular organization? Check out their website under ”Careers” and see if there are internships posted. If not, contact Human Resources to inquire about internships and the application process. If there’s no internship program, get to work identifying possible contacts in the organization with whom you might network.

3. Network, network, network!

Who is already in your network that might have good contacts for you? Family, friends, parents of friends and faculty can serve as great starting points. Another great resource is the UVM Career Connection, our own network of alumni, family and friends. Remember, networking is about relationship building, so establish the connection first and then move into conversations about internships.

4. Attend Career and Internship Events

The Internship Hop on October 31, 2012, is a great way to get started on the internship search. Browse our resources, connect with career counselors for a personalized internship search, check out listings, and see where other UVM students have done internships.   Job Fairs are another great way to find an internship. Talk with employers, establish a relationship and follow up!

5. Stop by Career Services for a Drop-In

Drop In’s are a great way to learn about options and resources. Talk with a career counselor for help identifying areas of interest and strategies for your search.

6. Create your own internship

Every employer has projects they just can’t get to.  Be the solution to their problem.  Ask the employer what projects they need help with and then set to work turning this into an internship.

As with any job search, a multi-pronged approach, along with persistence and follow up are key! Start now and keep working all of these strategies and you will be among those who gain that all-important career experience through an internship!

~Mary Beth

After the Job Fair

Employer and Candidate Chatting at Job Fair

You came to the Job Fair, talked to employers, dropped off resumes and collected some business cards. Now what?

  • Follow up! Let employers know that you appreciated meeting them and express interest in their organization’s opportunities.
  • Learn more! Explore the company’s website, follow the company on Linked-In and evaluate fit with your interests.
  • Prepare for an Interview!

Still looking?

Catamount Job Link

Part Time Jobs & Internships

Information for Specific Career Fields

Internship Hop: Thursday, October 31st 1:30-4pm, L/L E-Building (Career Services)

The I-Hop is a Resource Fair to help you identify opportunities!

We’re here to support you:
Drop-ins: L/L E140, Monday – Thursday: 1-4pm
Davis Center Drop-ins: Rosa Parks Room, Tuesdays: 11am-1pm


What Employers Want

Employers and Students at Job Fair

So you want a job or an internship.  You have worked hard, polished your resume and ironed your job fair shirt.  So now what? What is the secret to what employers really want?

Keep to the basics.  Employers seek people who present themselves well, are well informed and are interested in being actively involved.

Here are a few strategies on sending the right message at the fair and afterwards:

Prepare: Know who is coming and with whom you want to talk and share your resume & skills.

Dress: to signal you want to work and be taken seriously.

Practice: introducing yourself, your skills and interests.

Positive & Personable: Remember employers are people. Start a conversation and show your interest in what they do for a living.

Follow Through: Persistence pays.  Collect business cards and follow up via email or LinkedIn.

It is all in the conversation!  Keep learning, practicing and exploring the avenues for your job journey.


Savvy Seniors: Step UP!

Walking Upstairs

One of the most common complaints from new graduates is, “every job posting says you need experience, but how can I get experience if I can’t get a job?” Here’s a little secret: you can get valuable experience while you’re still a student!

Here at UVM, there are many opportunities to get involved – whether it’s through your classes, an internship, or student organizations. Each of these opportunities is more than just something to do – you’ll gain valuable experience that can help you get a job after graduation.

Take advantage of your time on campus by seeking leadership opportunities. Being a club officer, an SGA senator, or organizing an event all come with responsibilities that build skills for a full-time job. There are leadership opportunities all over campus – step up! Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs in Student Life has great opportunities!

You can also gain valuable skills through volunteer experiences – on campus  or in the community.

Also, you can get academic credit and gain experience at the same time – through taking service-learning classes, pursuing internships, or doing research.

Ready to put all your great experience on your resume? Check out this post from our blog archive, “Showcasing Campus Activities on Your Resume.”


Laura Megivern is Assistant Director of Student Life for Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs.  Laura is a former career counselor and passionate about helping students get involved. She can be reached at laura.megivern@uvm.edu.