Doing Good, Doing Well: Now for Something Different

Time for a well deserved break!  Rest the mind, rejuvenate the spirit, and, well, maybe wonder a bit about the year to come and what you may want to create… Need some inspiration?  Here are movies with stories about life purpose and direction. So, take a break from the books and enjoy some entertainment that […]

Crossroads in the 20’s

Feeling overwhelmed with life as a college student?  Or maybe you are a recent graduate, still adjusting to life on your own.  Chances are you have been or are currently at a crossroad in your life. Which path do I choose?  This may include: major choice, career, relationships, finances, etc. Twenty-somethings commonly struggle with expectations […]

Internship of the Month: Federal Public Defenders Office

Intern: Chris Minott Class Year: 2012 Major: Economics Employer: Federal Public Defenders Office Position: Investigator Assistant LinkedIn Profile: How would you describe the various projects you did in for your organization someone who is unfamiliar with your field? As an Investigative Assistant at the Federal Public Defender’s Office, my role was to help investigate […]

Pre-Law Series: Watch and Learn

The semester is almost over. Keep up the good work, you’re almost there! If you have also been working on applications to law school, then hopefully you are almost finished and ready for a well-deserved break. As you look forward to some much needed free time, here are some resources for good movies and TV […]

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