Crossroads in the 20’s


Feeling overwhelmed with life as a college student?  Or maybe you are a recent graduate, still adjusting to life on your own.  Chances are you have been or are currently at a crossroad in your life. Which path do I choose?  This may include: major choice, career, relationships, finances, etc.

Twenty-somethings commonly struggle with expectations and ideas of life after graduation.

The truth is: you don’t need to know what your entire life will look like five, ten, or twenty years from now.  You will grow immensely as an individual in your twenties, since it is a time for reflection and personal growth.  You may change career paths four or five times to see what fits, and that is normal. It is all part of the learning process.

“You’re supposed to have moments of uncertainty about which path to take, because the twenties are full of crossroads.”- Lisa Kudrow’s Commencement Speech at Vassar College in May 2010, a humorous take on life in the twenties.

Recommended Reading- Kenneth Jedding’s Higher Education: On Life, Landing a Job, and Everything Else They Didn’t Teach You in College

This book addresses topics such as:

  • Marketing yourself after graduation in a tough economy, no matter your major.
  • Identifying transferable skills for any job.
  • Networking and developing contacts.
  • Finding work connections in your field of choice.
  • Early years on your own, as an adult.
  • Relationships, and much more.

Best wishes to a New Year 2012! Cheers!


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