India Krawczyk on “Why Anthropology?”

IndiaKIndia Krawczyk (Anthropology, Class of 2016)

Like a lot of other students, I have a wide range of interests and found myself struggling to pick a major when I began at UVM. I encountered anthropology and felt as though what it had to offer would provide valuable tools to aid me in whatever else I decided to pursue in my lifetime. Studying anthropology sparked my interest in the museum world, in part because of how museums often incorporate elements of anthropology, art, and design, into their structures. All of these things are of considerable interest to me, and so I’ve considered possibly pursuing a career in some element of the museum field. Next semester I’ll have the opportunity to work in the collections, exhibitions, and curatorial department at the Fleming Museum on campus, and through this experience I hope to get a better idea of what I enjoy doing as well as what I don’t enjoy doing in this area. My goal is that this will help me decide what steps to take next in building my career.



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