2018 Global Health Anthropology Graduates

This May 2018 eight of our Anthropology graduates completed the coursework needed for a global health focus in their major or minor.  Five of our seniors graduated with a Global Health Concentration in the Anthropology Major, including Siera Carusone, Alex Heeschen, Tabetha Luhn, Catie Owen, and Celina Rossier.  Three of our seniors graduated with a Global Health Focus in the Anthropology Minor, including Sarah Flaherty, Madeline Short, and Sonia Zaccheo.

Congratulations to all of our graduates for their hard work and careful planning!

In both the major concentration and the minor focus track, students complete all of the requirements for a regular Anthropology major or minor, while also making sure that a significant number of those courses focus on biological anthropology, medical anthropology, and/or global public health issues in cross-cultural perspective.

The department has offered courses in these areas for decades, but it was 2015 when we began to highlight related offerings in a set of informal tracks for majors and minors.  Based on the popularity of the focus, in 2017 we formally launched a Global Health Concentration in the Anthropology Major, which now stands alongside the continuing Global Health Minor Focus track.  For more information on studying Global Health in Anthropology at UVM, the links below provide helpful information:



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