Dr. Manetta to give talk at the Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages Meeting

Dr. Emily Manetta will be giving a talk at Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages IV at Rutgers University on March 29. The talk is entitled “Alternative questions in Kashmiri” and will ask what can be learned from examining new data on yes/no questions and alternative questions in this understudied Indic language.  

Emily Manetta’s Teaching Work Profiled in UVM today!

Professor Emily Manetta’s work developing hybrid courses was recently highlighted in UVM Today!

Luis Vivanco named co-director of the UVM Humanities Center

Professor Vivanco has recently been named co-director of the new UVM Humanities Center with Professor Jenemann from the English Department. For more information, please see the following story.

More Good News: Teresa Mares Awarded a REACH Grant

Prof. Teresa Mares, Anthropology, was awarded a UVM REACH Grant for her project La Otra Frontera (The Other Border): Exploring Latino/a Migrant Foodways in Vermont. This study investigates the food practices of Latino/a migrant workers in Vermont’s dairy industry. The first objective of this multi-year study is to examine: how one’s relationship to food and […]

Zach Hirsch (Class of 2012) now working for North Country Public Radio!

UVM Anthro Alum Zach Hirsch (class of 2012) has become a reporter for North Country Public Radio in upstate New York. While at UVM, Zach developed a talk show format as a DJ for WRUV, which he has parlayed post-graduation into a career in radio. Last year he received a prestigious Transom fellowship to hone […]

Theo Klein awarded APLE Summer Stipend!

Anthropology major Theo Klein has been awarded an APLE Summer Stipend from the College of Arts and Sciences to fund his research project “Examining Church Architecture and Evangelization at Carrizales, Peru.” He will use support this highly competitive grant, which is awarded to only two UVM undergraduates per year, to collaborate with anthropology department faculty […]