Lynn Keating on “Why Anthropology?”

Lynn Keating (Anthropology, Class of 2017)

LynnKeatingAfter independently joining a Women’s club at the age of twelve, I have continuously been engaged with local issues relevant to women cross-generationally Anthropology provides me with essential resources to observe and interpret the historical and cultural meanings of the limitless questions about all human lives. By choosing to live in the “Health and Wellness” housing at the University of Vermont, and engaging in specific courses, I have gravitated toward the intersections between gender issues, mindfulness behavior and intergenerational care. Last year, I studied the bio-cultural aspects of aging in a service-learning class by going into nursing homes weekly. Recently, I have been able to delve into the theories of anthropology, and I am currently working on a final paper on tampon usage and the culture surrounding menstruation. I plan to advocate and empower future generations with healthy relationships that can be carried through multiple parts of the life-cycle.





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