Zach Hirsch (Class of 2012) now working for North Country Public Radio!

UVM Anthro Alum Zach Hirsch (class of 2012) has become a reporter for North Country Public Radio in upstate New York. While at UVM, Zach developed a talk show format as a DJ for WRUV, which he has parlayed post-graduation into a career in radio. Last year he received a prestigious Transom fellowship to hone his radio story-telling skills.

Zach produced a senior honors thesis while at UVM based on ethnographic research on the culture of surveillance on Church Street in Burlington, and is a committed ethnographer. As he says about his work as a radio reporter, “I love it. I feel like I’m still doing anthropology every day. Each story feels like a mini-ethnography.”

Here are some of his more recent stories. As you’ll hear, they have strong anthropological dimensions. Here is a story on NYPD surveillance of mosques. (As Zach said about this piece, “My old friend Foucault was on my mind for this one.”) and another about a transgender woman’s self discovery.

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